Creation-Evolution: The Central issue

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The facts will always side with the Truth. What is the simple explanation for the facts observed in the World that we live. God's explanation, Truth, is always the best and only explanation of these facts. What does God say about the World around us. Simple, it was created good, it is now fallen, death, the curse, thorns, etc. came after Adam and Eve, not before. Therefore, the fossil record, for the most part, is a record of the Biblical flood. The sedimentary layers filled with burial graveyards of animals exquisitely preserved and rapidly buried. Ken Ham would say "Billions of dead things, buried in rock layers, laid down by water all over the Earth.". I believe this is very well said. Sedimentary layers in The Grand Canyon are uplifted and folded while wet without fracturing. Dr. Mary Schweitzer demineralizes Dinosaur Bones (T-Rex and Duck Billed) to reveal soft tissue. Thus, the layers in Montana where the T-Rex was found is young. How young? Biblical Flood young. I love this topic. Great topic. Good Article, Jeff. You are right "things cause other things". Then, you can take the knowledge of what you have learned and know for example certain things can or cannot happen. You are right, so bear with me. For example, you can observe molten rock cool into extrusive Igneous rock with smooth curves. Then, you can observe a volcanic flow from the ancient past with smooth curves, then you know what happened. This is Geology 101. This would be scientific reasoning based on the observable present. In addition, we know that Metamorphic rocks can have folds without fracturing. Here is the kicker. Dry hardened Sedimentary Rock cannot fold without fracturing. It would break like a ceramic plate. So in The Grand Canyon's side canyons, we observe Sedimentary Rock (Not Metamorphic) folded without fracturing. This rock must have still been pliable (while wet or damp) when uplifted. Noah's flood is the best explanation for all of the layers in The Grand Canyon from the Tapeat's Sandstone to the Kaibab Limestone very nicely folded Sedimentary layers without fracturing! Thank you Jesus Christ!

It is true that only idiots don't realize the truth of evolution... I'm glad he called himself on that.

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