Liars, Lunatics, or Pathetic Gullible Dupes?

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“Greg thinks he’s God; he is obviously mistaken but he’s a good guy so we’ll just let that go and see if he has anything else interesting to say.”


What Paul is saying here is, “Don’t just take my word for it, go ask some of these five hundred witnesses, and they will tell you that they too, saw the resurrected Christ.”

Amen. I always take comfort in Paul saying this. But, then I always liked what "Dr" Gene Scott said in his latter years that if you're 50 days travel from any of the other Apostles with whom you concocted this lie about the "messiah" and the Romans/mob/local Jews are about to kill you, why not confess your lie? Who's gonna know? Oh sure, rumours will fly that you recanted, but you can explain your escape from prison as a "miracle of God". Because, afterall, didn't Peter escape prison by a miracle? Why not also you?

And yet none ever did or, at the very least, not at the last. These witnesses of the truth all died horrible deaths, every one, still praising Christ as the Son of God.

Mad? Maybe. Mass hallucination or something in the water, that might be something to debate. But, liars? Nuh-uh. We don't go to the gallows to cover a lie.

Great article Greg ! Thank you for all you do in spreading the truth of His message<>< YBIC LIL' JOHN TOWNSEND

Very good article. Thanks! God Bless You!!

Is it really impossible to imagine that someone genuinely believes that he's the Messiah? I haven't read up on much about the all the ancient claimants, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone them genuinely believed that that their destiny was to liberate Israel, etc., etc. We just experienced one modern-day false prophet's let down when May 21 didn't bring worldwide earthquakes, the Rapture, etc. But I'm quite sure that Harold Camping really and truly believed that he was doing God's will.

Great article, and I love your last paragraph: "I have come to the reasonable conclusion that the New Testament is true and that JESUS is not only the Messiah, but GOD incarnate; Immanuel (GOD with us). To me, it is a reasonable conclusion, but at the same time, the story that my conclusion is based on is so incredible, that to believe it, one might consider me to be a pathetic gullible dupe, or a lunatic along the level of someone who says he is a poached egg."

In that vein, you're welcome to call me "Mr. Sunny Side Up"! Great view on a very upsetting topic to some, but a breath of fresh air to the billions of us who have come to the same conclusion! GOD bless you!

I like it. Well done! Quite enjoyable.

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