Does God Exist Scientifically?

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"The other day I was asked to prove the existence of God. It was a one-on-one conversation with a skeptical friend, who somehow thrust the burden of proof on me." ...Well, normally, when someone makes a claim, it's up to them to establish their case. If I say there's a bogeyman under my bed, it's reasonable for you to say 'show me'...and if I say in court that you stole from me, it's reasonable for you to demand I prove it.. There is no way for 'science' or 'logic' to disprove a non-existent whatever. Sorry...burden is on you.

As to Melvin's comment..I think he misses the point of proof completely. Opinion is not fact. Nor is faith or belief.

Yes,scientifically, God does exist. Sorry. Lol. God is true and real. He does really exist. He existed since millions of years, and years and years ago way back. God is wonderful and great. Even though, I tell you that there is no other God before him and after him. He is a personage. He came into a existence as the evolution of the God/Man, who was the first who existed and he created the universe and firmaments of the heavens, suns,moons, planets, stars and created men and women and lots of inhabitants of the earth. God was always there. It is like closing your eyes, and you open is like coming to existence and coming to life or coming out of the mother's womb. God is the Inaccessible light, who is Him, who has no beginning and ending. God is a personage who is the architect of the universe and the earth, stars, suns, moons, planets and he has had his own compass. It is my own belief. There are no theories.

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