My Journey From Agnostic to Apologist

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Thanks so much for sharing your story. It's so very much like my own, except I have no doubt I was beyond agnostic and into the atheist's corner. I remember one time my daughter asking what happened to us when we die. I said "They put you in a pine box and you rot. There is no God, there is no Satan, there is nothing after you die but a rotting body."

Well, many years later something happened to me that had me on the brink of suicide. It really came down to the fact that I couldn't face living anymore if the only thing I had to look forward to was old age, sickness and death. Not that I was really afraid to die, in fact I almost kind of looked forward to it. My problem was it seemed my life had no purpose but to collect as much "junk" as I possibly could and then die. That materialistic life had turned into a living hell for me. All the militant atheist's rants about how good your life is and how happy you can be without believing in God just wasn't cutting it for me anymore. I was living a nihilistic, worthless life. So I was ready to end it.

Thank God my wife kept nagging at me telling me I needed to go to church and at least give Christianity a chance. She begged and begged and I'm so embarrassed looking back and realizing how poorly I treated her during those times. But she kept at me and now here we are two years after accepting Jesus as my savior and my life is absolutely amazing. I know now the Lord has a purpose for me being here. I love waking up every day and thanking God for everything I have and doing whatever I can to service him. It's very clear to me that without God I wouldn't be here.

I want to say thank you for everything you do with this website and what you do for apologetics. It's sites like yours that really help me get past the tough questions about my faith. Whenever I feel anxious or a little down because of some atheistic diatribe I can always find a logical, sound rebuttal at a site like yours and it lifts my spirits like nothing else.

You may not hear it much, but sites like yours do more for people than you could ever possibly imagine. Stand To Reason, Reasonable Faith, The Poached Egg, God and Science are all sites that I frequent often and they are all amazing.


Thanks for your comment, Indy. Reading that really made my day! TPE is a ministry to believers first, to help edify their own faith as well as better equipping them to share the Gospel in a world that is becomming increasingly hostile to it.

Thank you for sharing your journey Greg. Your work on the web site is so greatly appreciated - I have learned so much. My family now regularly discusses apologetics during our nightly bible studies.

Greg, thank you for that authentic personal article. Loved it!

Blake, you wrote, "My title would be 'From Journey from Cultist to Apologist'". I would like to read that one. You write it and I'll post it!

Thank you for sharing Greg. A fork in the road - we all have them. I love hearing how the Hound of Heaven pursues people! My title would be "From Journey from Cultist to Apologist".

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