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I a pastor and have been assigned to this new church. I am finding that many of the youth are not well informed about The Lord! I want to equipped them with the word. But I am finding that they do have bibles! I seek bible for toddler and teen. One that have study and outlines for thrir age group.

to christians here ,you can get free Copy of the Quran and other islamic books for free!
you can just go to this site:http://islamcaller2.blogspot.fr/

Calvary greetings, i would love to receive copies of bibles for the evangelizing and training of youth teens and children as we are training the end time army. God bless you.
Here is my mailing address:
Falade Emmanuel Eniola.
P.O.Box 2913
Sango Otta
Ogun state

I am trying to find Bibles and devotionals for the kids in my church. The church library does not have any youth related devotionals or Bible studies. Also we do not have good study bibles for them and we actually have kids interested in having their own Bibles and starting to learn about their faith Will you help I would need at least 5 books.

Please send to:

Lisa Williams
704 Martinique Court
Shreveport, LA 71115

I would like a free Bible for a Bible study group to share with those in need of God's word. Please send to my home address
R.M Udaya Kmara Rathnayaka,
Maho,Sri Lanka.

i have a youth group that consits of about ten students i would like to recieve this bible for them if posible can i recieve one for each child thanks in advance

I would like a free Bible for a Bible study group to share with those in need of God's word. Please send to my home address
Cindy Gigliotti
510 West Lee
Thomaston, Georgia 30286

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