12 Quotes on Evolution and Intelligent Design

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If one were to do their homework as opposed to arguing from ignorance, they would learn that not all of these quotes are from Christians or religious people.

Mark, evolution as a model for how one species changes into another is a joke. If by evolution you mean how one canine species changes into another kind of canine, you will find no argument with me or this site. However, if you mean by evolution how one kind of creature became another (i.e. a reptile becomes anything other than a reptile), I challenge you to give ONE proven example. There are NONE. Attempts to provide such examples have all proven to be frauds.

In all humility, I find it very funny that my spell-checker changed "discipline" to "disciple"

Mark's point about your misuse of quotations is well-put. I would go further however; if there were any shred of evidence to support creationism/ID it would have made global news!
I have no intention whatsoever of causing offense, belief in the existence of a god is every person's right. However it is inappropriate to seek to undermine an important scientific disciple which has been factually proven beyond all rational contestation. If you have a valid counter-theory to put up against one of the most robust, validated and evidence-based theories of the last two centuries then produce your evidence, get it peer-reviewed and validated. Otherwise this is simply an example of appropriating any quote which reinforces a pre-modern era belief that the existence organic life requires a deity.

How was this dishonest? The title matched the content. Arguing against the quotes of 12 brilliant men of recent history seems a bit haughty.

It would be far, far more honest if whoever assembled these quotes would distinguish between the following ideas:
- common ancestry (there is PLENTY of evidence for this--especially since the human genome project was completed in 2003).
- Evolution (a powerful model for explaining how one species changes into another over time)
- Natural selection (Darwin's theory about how evolution works)
- Naturalism (the idea that the physical universe is all that there is).

As it stands, these quotes are misleading. Of course Christians must oppose naturalism and naturalist explanations for life. But that does not exclude the first three points above, and it certainly does not change the fact that there is overwhelming evidence for a common ancestry. Frankly, if you don't know the difference between the four ideas above, you should not be talking about evolution at all.

Forgive my frankness; I love Jesus, and I'm certainly not a liberal theologian--I believe in a literal, physical resurrection, etc.--but I am very, very sick of Christians being dishonest and ignorant when it comes to evolution. Biologos.org is an example of an honest approach, in my view.

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