Thinking Clearly About God and Evolution

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Evolution has been proven. God hasn't. So it doesn't matter how well you can reconcile your stuff. You still have to prove your presumptions. Unicorns are also reconcilable with evolution. That doesn't mean they exist. Evolution works through "natural" selection. Not "supernatural" selection. So until you prove God's intervention in evolution, there are no good reasons evolution is directed towards a goal. Evolution is more like a Blind Watchmaker, Dawkins would say.

Either way, this issue has no effect on my walk. I simply believe God is my Creator, and whatever means He chose to use doesn't really matter to me. If He created directly, great. If He used evolution, great. I still believe that humans are made in God's image, and that is what sets us apart from all other creation. Other than that, I try not to waste time arguing about this with people. My job is to show God's love.

@Mark How does Calvinism allow for 100% free choice? Isn't irresistible grace a foundational component of Calvinism?

You're the first Calvinist I've met who embraces biological evolution, and I'm fascinated to discuss this with you.

Actually, I have to say that this article does not think clearly about the issue.

"How should we respond? There’s not much use in looking for evidence for this brand of theistic evolution, for the simple reason that it can’t be true. It’s not logically possible. It makes no sense to talk about a purposeful process that is nevertheless purposeless, or to talk about God directing an undirected process."

The answer to this is the same as the answer to how God works through the free decisions of mankind. It is both 100% God's action in the full, Calvinist sense, and yet 100% free choice. Someone needs to read Karl Barth on the Divine Accompanying, a.k.a "Concursus." We keep insisting on an analogy between creature and Creator; we keep insisting that God must design and act in the way that creatures design and act, and that is why we continue to see a false dichotomy on this issue.

If God can work through the free choices of people, he can work through natural processes. The word "guided" is misleading. He doesn't "guide"; he acts. He is not a deist God who pokes and prods and makes natural selection behave; he is sovereign over all of creation. He foreordains each gamma ray, each mutation; he accompanies the creature in all its activity; he never ceases to be Lord over his creation.

The entire thing will always appear to be purposeless to science--just like your choices never appear to be foreordained by God. Scripture teaches that the hearts of kings are like a rivers in God's hand; yet ever king acts freely. We will never accept evolution as long as we follow Pelagius on this matter. There is no arena over which God is not sovereign.

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