Extraordinary Claims, Extraordinary Evidence, and Belief in God

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"If the unbeliever equates extraordinary with something that is supernatural, the situation becomes untenable as the skeptic is usually asking for evidence to prove another supernatural event like Jesus’ resurrection. If they require another miracle to validate a prior miracle, then they immerse themselves in an infinite series of requests as the second miracle now needs a third and so on."

I'm not sure I would dismiss this first category so quickly. While it may be true that some skeptics will never find enough evidence in an event that "breaks" the known laws of physics, for many it is more a matter of the miracle happening to them. It's one thing to believe in a supernatural event someone tells you about, it's quite another to experience it yourself. As Oral Roberts often said, "A miracle settles the issue."

So this may not be the endless causality loop you describe...

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