Book Giveaway - On Guard: Defending Your Faith with Reason and Precision

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would love a copy :)

I have be saved and i have bipolar and depression and I love reading about all the trails that Christ went threw for me for us I would really love to read this book

Would love a copy!

First time on this site, and there pops up a chance to win a book by William Lane Craig. I just watched footage of one of his many debates. This seems like the guy to learn from.

I have so many people I need to reach!

Found this site through H.L. Hussmann. Hope to be able to explore it more! God Bless. Throw my name into the hat.

I'm new to true Christianity and have found I have a keen interest in apologetics and the theology of the faith. With that said, in my life I have gone from Mormonism, to wannabe Satanism, to Wicca, Atheism, Agnostism, Deism, and today I consider myself a self proclaimed Christian as I am not baptised, nor do I attend Church. I'm a bit disappointed to see that this contest was slated to have a winner announced in October, yet none have been announced. Was this contest even for real?

I would love a copy of the book.

Glad you found us, Mike. Thanks for that encouragement!


Found your website cause a tweeter friend of mine retweeted one of your tweets about 10 Christian Apologetics quotes. Keep on keeping on! Thanks for the website!

Throw my name in the hat.

I would love to have a copy...

This book looks great! Thanks for a chance to win a copy!

I am just becoming familiar with William Craig other than by name. Would be a great resource as I continue to teach my SS class how to defend their faith.

I've been reading Reasonable Faith for over a month now and I'm only on page 70...It's a little deep for a first book on apologetics. I'm thinking I should have started with On Guard, so I really want to win this copy!

Hope I win it! I also recommend The Influence; I just finished it and it is awesome!

This is definitely on my must read list!

Sounds like a great book.

I'll take one, also.

Thank for the opportunity... God bless

this is awesome... Let me win this one. I love reading!!

I'm gonna have feast here... thanks for the chance to win on Guard.

My son would really love this book. He's thirteen, wish I had his time to read.....

Book would be nice to have in my library.

Count me in :)

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