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Interesting that Abstract Athiest dismisses religion as "man made". Isn't science also "man made"? Christians argue that there is evidence for God that surrounds us every day - just as you say there is evidence for E=MC2 that surrounds us.

"Science demands that evidence be used to justify positions and models" - who says and can you prove why this is the "right" way? Without God where is the fixed point of reference for science? Isn't science all just "made up" by man? Haven't we just " created" the E=MC2 formula and many others?

Nancy Pearcey's quote... Liked!

There is too much in this post for me to comment on in its entirety, so I decided to concentrate on the above quote. For background, Dorothy Sayers was an English writer who died in 1957 – so just FYI she was around well after the first experimental verification of E=MC2.

However, if it seems that anyone ‘meekly acquiesces’ to the mass-energy equivalence equation (E=MC2) it is only because the evidence for it surrounds us every day. When the furnace of the sun fuses Hydrogen into Helium, and mass turns to energy, and then travels 93 million miles to Earth in the form of light, we witness E=MC2.

What we do not witness, is a god. We do not need a god to describe how our Sun works. We do not need a god to describe how a nuclear reactor works. In fact, we just do not need a god for anything - Our world is explainable through science.

What we cannot explain is how a magic spirit combines with a father and a son to create a god that cares about which humans sleep with whom. Nobody can explain why we ‘know’ there is a three-in-one god, and there is no valid argument for why it is even necessary to believe in a three-headed deity.

Science demands that evidence be used to justify positions and models. If new discoveries conflict with current scientific models, the models are re-built. This never-ending cycle of discovery and improvement is what separates science from the stubborn and ignorant dogmas of religion. God has never ‘ordained’ any dogma; he just simply does not exist. Men created god to increase their own power and control, and if you need evidence for this then just read the bible.

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