You Cannot Prove The Existence Of God!

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Video Response:

Dear Mark,

Since the title of your article is "You Cannot Prove the Existence of God!", it provokes me to say, "Oh Yes You CAN - Prove the Existence of God!

A deductive argument is a proof, since the conclusion follows inescapably from the premises, if the premises are true. The classic example of a deductive argument is this:

1. All men are mortal.
2. Socrates is a man.
Therefore, Socrates is mortal.

A basic deductive argument for God looks something like this:

1. Things that exist require a cause.
2. Things exist.
Therefore a cause exists.

This Singularity Argument for the Existence of God is a proof:

When we look back in space and time, we see a singularity that appears to come out of nothing because space and time were created in the beginning along with other temporal things. But since nothing comes from nothing, a cause must exist for these things. A cause that is outside of space and time is thus considered eternal, and thus, uncaused:

1. Temporal things are temporal because they exist in space and time.
2. Temporal things require an eternal cause.
3. An eternal cause is eternal because it exists outside of space and time.
4. Temporal things exist.
Therefore, an eternal cause for temporal things exists.

Does this mean everyone is forced to believe this argument against their will?
No. One may willfully choose to believe (against reason and logic) that something comes from nothing.

Does proof of God’s existence eliminate or reduce the need for faith?
No. In fact, it strengthens the foundation upon which faith stands, thus increasing faith.


Since I am speaking for myself, I would rather you look at this first on my blog, since it is a controversial issue:

Since you must realize by now, I work with Ratio Christi, here's a fresh link:

I hope we can agree to disagree, since although it is important, our partnership is more important. (Again, I am speaking for myself.)

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