Teleological Argument for God's Existence

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Amazing that when walking in the field, no one would say: "what an amazingly well designed field." Doesn't that help you distinguish between designed and non-designed things? When it comes to stopwatches we know they are designed, cause we've seen similar machines before, we can guess a purpose, and we know the species that makes similar things, cause we make them all the time. Nevertheless you wouldn't stop in your tracks to admire the design and purpose of the field itself. But the believer would immediately turn around to betray that very same indifference to claim the universe is design to preserve life, which evidently is most hostile place for life. That's why life had and still has to break through, struggle for survival and adapt at every step.

And in the end, whenever some sort of designer might intellectually dishonestly could be inferred, this creator ends up being something that is somehow still around, alive and kicking, who's interested in what we have to say, cares for every single one of us personally, and is no other than the very same Biblical God Christians would like to exist. There's a clear agenda right there. Christians always manipulate the evidence or lack thereof to smuggle that very same God they would believe in with or without the evidence, because that God is what they wanna convince themselves of.

To a Christian a designer would directly imply their own Christian God, and the fact that that designer would have some supernatural attributes after creating a perfectly natural universe, is already a pretty impressive non-sequitur Christians prefer to avoid.

Should I even get started with Promiscuous Teleology? Our brains are wired to see purpose and causality where there's none. We over read causality and purpose. Promiscuous Teleology is a cognitive error. In infer design from the stopwatch we just use common inference. To infer design and purpose from what wasn't design we use a cognitive system that misfires.

Intelligent design doesn't imply gods or anything divine. It only implies intelligent design. But it doesn't follow from intelligence, that the intelligence is still around, or that is divine, or that listens to prayer, or that cares about us, or that had a son, or that's the Biblical God, or that's it's only one, etc. Why so many non-sequiturs and presumptions from what is the appearance of design, and not real design, anyway.

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