Blind faith is not Biblical faith

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Wow. Fundy atheists showing up right on cue. All the time they talk about evidence and if they believe in evidence, then how about this?

Give evidence of a NT Lexicon or a Koine Greek Lexicon that lists the word "pistis" which in the NT is often translated as faith as "Belief without evidence." Please. Give a scholarly source. I don't want to hear new atheist groupthink by people too lazy to research on their own.

Of course, if you have no evidence, please go ahead and admit it. After all, atheists are truly people of faith.

Do you really not see the flaw in seeking evidence to support a belief? How about seeking evidence without being invested in the outcome? What you said exposes a huge problem with Christianity, the need to only devote attention to that which suggests a viewpoint in support of your beliefs as opposed to seeking truth and objectivity. It's insane to be so loyal to that which is unproven, being in denial to feel justified in not having the courage to think beyond obedience to dogma.

If you have evidence then faith becomes redundant. For those who say they have evidence to support their beliefs, they are essentially unfaithful.

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