Stepping Up to the Plate: The Call for Community Apologists

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Mr. West,

The beginning of your article states that "churches are filled with Christians who are idling in intellectual neutral"...and that "their minds are going to waste." I believe this is true which leads me to ask...why isn't wise, godly, intellectual investments (at any age) believed to be the solution...or better yet, God's original intention? If the "student, who is fully trained, will be like his teacher" (Luke 6:39), why isn't there more thought to evaluating the perspective of the teachers we place in front of our students? Is it not the Church who is responsible for teaching the truth and equipping the saints...and the government responsible for making sure we can?

If wisdom tells us we will loose discernment if we don't stay away from a fool (Prov. 14:7) and discerning knowledge is key in order to truly be educated...why are we not seeing the consequences as being due to the natural connection between what the teachers/professors teach and their impact on students? Is not James 3:1 a warning to teachers because of the spiritual and intellectual effect they are intended to have on students?

Why are we telling each other that students can/need to be prepared so that they won't affected by ungodly/relativistic/atheistic thinking? That's like telling our 13 year old son that if he reads and understands his bible enough, that sexually explicit movie or song won't affect his heart or mind. Yet, wouldn't the Bible he's reading tell him to avoid these things and focus on all that is pure, right, lovely, and true? I agree that all of our children do/will face this in our culture. However, it's one thing to have it be a natural consequence of living on this earth and quite another to unnecessarily invest so much in it.

College...all intended to equip. While no teacher/prof or student is perfect and discernment is necessary, the relationship between a student and his or her teacher isn't intended to be a war. The explicit purpose is for one to guide to the other...and this will happen, in His direction or another.

I agree that we're not preparing our children. If we were, they would be thirsting after wisdom and truth...seeking to listen and learn from those who are wise, insightful, humble, and intellectually inspiring. We would celebrate incredibly gifted and godly mathematicians and scientists the same way we do musicians and artists. Instead, we're focused on lesser things....all that distracts us from the misery of thinking too long and hard about what they're being taught.

Proverbs 23:23 tells us to "Buy truth and do not sell it, get wisdom and instruction and understanding." Maybe if we used His resources to invest in His perspective all of our human existence would be a glory to Him...including our minds. If our culture has changed, but His character hasn't...why should we?

All of this isn't to say we don't need community apologists. There is plenty of need for the vast number of people who would love the opportunity to learn and grow....and share with those who want to do the same.

Thanks for letting me share. Praying now that all of this proves profitable for His glory and our good.

Really good blog/article. I hope to grow myself as a "community one dollar apologist."

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