Why Doesn't Archaeology Corroborate Every Detail of the New Testament Accounts?

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You make this assertion:

"But while the Biblical narrative has been robustly (although incompletely) confirmed with archeology, the Book of Mormon narrative has not been corroborated by a single archeological discovery. Not a single Mormon city has been discovered. Not a single Mormon artifact. Not a single inscription bearing a name from the Mormon narrative. Christianity does not suffer from such a complete absence of archeological confirmation."

There is a problem with your investigative technique and conclusion, and unfortunately it falters on an illogical conclusion promoted by those within the counter-cult ministry group. To argue that there is no such evidence is wrong. Now, you claim to be a homicide detective that employs cold case investigation techniques. What investigative techniques have you utilized in actually looking at particular narratives of the Book of Mormon, and the corroboration of New World archaeology within its own field and context? Furthermore, have you searched out and come across Pedro de Cieza de Leon who is referred to as one of the most notable Chroniclers of the New World? Specifically his work that was translated and published by the Hakyut Society (A well-known scholarly society that published historical travel narratives). The work I am referring to is the Second Chronicles of Peru and Pedro de Cieza Leon gives quite an interesting depiction of what the native Inca's told him about that is contained in their oral tradition, a time prior to the rise of the Inca Indians how there was no light, the people were in great distress, praying, and then relating that a man holding power to change the face of the earth appeared and taught them great things. Well, I will let the text speak for itself:

Chapter V. Touching what these natives say concerning Ticiviracocha, of the opinion held by some that an Apostle passed through this land, and of the temple there is in Cachan, also what happened there.

Before the Incas reigned in these kingdoms, or had ever been heard of, the Indians relate another thing MUCH MORE NOTABLE than all things else that they say. For they declare that they were a long time without seeing the sun and that they were a long time without seeing the sun, and that, suffering much evil from its absence, great prayers and vows were offered up to their gods, imploring for the light they needed. Things being in this state, the sun, shining very brightly, came forth from the island of Titicaca, in the great lake of the Collao, at which every one rejoiced. Presently afterwards, they say, that there came from a southern direction a white man of great stature, who, by his aspect and presence, called forth great veneration and obedience. This man who thus appeared had great power, insomuch that he could change plains into mountains, and great hills into valleys, and make water flow out of stones. As soon as such power was beheld, the people called him the Maker of created things, the Prince of all things, Father of the Sun. For they say that he performed other wonders, giving life to men and animals, so that by his hand marvellous great benefits were conferred on the people. And such was the story that the Indians who told it to me say that they heard from their ancestors, who in like manner heard it in the old songs which they received from very ancient times. They say that this man went on towards the north, working these marvels along the way of the mountains; and that he never more returned so as to be seen. In many places he gave orders to men how they should live, and he spoke lovingly to them and with much gentleness, admonishing them that they should do good, and no evil or injury one to another, and that they should be loving and charitable to all. In most parts he is generally called Ticiviracocha, but in the province of the Collao they call him Tuapaca, and in other places Arnauan. In many parts they built temples in which they put up blocks of stone in likeness of him, and offered up sacrifices before them. It is held that the great blocks at Tiahuanacu were from that time. Although, from the fame of what formerly had passed, they relate the things I have stated touching Ticiviracocha, they know nothing more of him, nor whether he would ever return to any part of this kingdom.
The following is recorded in the Book The Second part of the Chronicle of Peru and was originally penned by Pedro de Cieza de Leon. Pedro is well-known and well respected as the Prince of Chroniclers for his ability to utilize natives of the New World in order to provide as accurate of information concerning the people, cultures, and civilizations the Spanish Conquestador's encountered. This particular work was translated by Sir Clements and Robert Markham and issued by the Hakluyt Society - a very scholarly society that focuses on scholarly work about travel and transportation. This is not an LDS related source and the most interesting aspect of this account Pedro provides to us has strong resemblance to the account recorded in 3 Nephi where Christ comes to visit the inhabitants of the New World, giving specific location, specific people prior to the rise and existence of the Inca's in that particular area. http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fbooks.google.com%2Fbooks%3Fid%3DyQc7AAAAIAAJ%26dq%3DSecond%2BChronicles%2Bof%2BPeru%26pg%3DPA6%23v%3Donepage%26q%26f%3Dfalse&h=KAQHIDGrt

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