Why I'm Not a Theistic Evolutionist

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As evolutionary biologist Francisco Ayala remarks, scientists in the field do not use "random" in the sense of "unguided" which is a metaphysical claim unavailable to science. Rather, they mean "irrespective of the benefit to the organism."

With this definition of "random", theism and evolution are wholly compatible. Unfortunately, despite his excellent apologetic work, I think Mr. Wallace is mistaken on this issue.

I always said so. It's called "natural" selection, not "supernatural" selection. Besides, another of the dirty plays of theism is they reconcile theories, but they never prove any. Evolution through natural selection is a verified scientific theory. Reconciling a divine intervention is not proving that divine intervention. It's simply smuggling a god without feeling the need to back up that presumption.

Watching the National Geographic Chanel this week I heard the comment "out of Chaos came order.".... now if that isn't a contradiction of terms I don't know what is. In the beginning God. That says it all, answers it all, and puts all into perspective. Personally I subscribe to the Big Bang. God spoke and Bang it happened.

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