A man who was merely a man and said the sort of things Jesus said would not be a great moral teacher. He would either be a lunatic — on the level with the man who says he is a poached egg — or else he would be the Devil of Hell. You must make your choice. Either this man was, and is, the Son of God, or else a madman or something worse.
– C.S. LEWIS, Mere Christianity

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3 Church-Lessons from the "Friendly Atheist"

Last Friday night, I had a public dialogue with Hemant Mehta—the “Friendly Atheist.” He has a popular blog, YouTube channel, and podcast. The Conversation is already up on the Unbelievable? YouTube channel. I was tempted to write a post in response to some of the topics that came up in our conversation. After all, we discussed the intersection of science and Christianity, whether atheists are motivated to believe in God because of a traumatic experience, the nature of faith, and so on. Maybe I will write that post when the podcast releases next week. But for now, I think this post may be more interesting and productive.

Historical Errors in the Koran and Inconsistencies with the Bible

I have a few Muslim friends. In many ways, I seem to have much more in common with their cultural and ethical worldviews – the strong familial structure; strong traditions, and rich heritage; the basic outlook on life, than those of Western ancestry. And yet I disagree with the overarching Islamic worldview for numerous reasons, namely the historical errors in the Koran. Good people can disagree, and when their claims are mutually exclusive, only one of those people can be correct in his worldview. Many years ago, while still an agnostic, I considered whether or not Islam could be the correct worldview and reached the conclusion that the Bible is a far more reliable narrative and source of inspiration than the Koran. One of these reasons (certainly not the only one) is that the Qu’ran has quite a few historical errors. Here I will list just a few to provide leverage.

How Accurate Is the Bible?

  How Accurate Is the Bible? by Ken Boa “The Bible is full of contradictions and errors.” “How can...

It’s Okay to Be an Exclusivist

A few years ago I attended the graduation of my stepdaughter at Seattle University, a highly respected Catholic institution. During her studies she had developed a love for philosophy and friendship with her philosophy professors, one of whom was a professed Buddhist. At a post-graduation function, I had an opportunity to chat with him and asked how he felt about a recent speech by Pope Benedict, one in which the pope sought to reach out to Muslim leaders.1 I was impressed by the speech and wondered what his reaction might be. He responded rather curtly, “I didn’t care for it. I thought the pope was being exclusivist.” I was somewhat taken aback since the pope’s speech was getting generally high marks. But I think I knew what he meant. While the pope may have been sensitive and thoughtful, it was clear he believed his religion was true to the exclusion of other religious beliefs...

I consider Greg West's "The Poached Egg" to be one of the best apologetics blogs of all time. Greg has the ability to find articles that grasp the essence of an issue and address it in a deep, thoughtful, balanced and readable way. Highly educational! Highly recommended!

Dr. Edgar Andrews

Emeritus Professor of Materials Science, University of London, UK, Author of Who Made God? Searching for a Theory of Everything

The Poached Egg performs the vital function of communicating truth in an accessible manner that informs without dumbing down and challenges without antagonizing. A great resource for Christians and skeptics alike. There is no apologetics web site quite like it, which reflects Greg West's God-given discernment and wisdom and Greg's desire to provide answers to those who doubt.

Stephen McAndrew

Blogger at Songs of a Semi-Free Man, and author of Why It Doesn't Matter What You Believe If It's Not True: Is There Absolute Truth?

I cannot adequately say how much I appreciate what Greg has done in the service of Christian Apologetics. I am a pastor as well as a high school teacher at a Christian school, and I find myself increasingly saying, 'Why don't you check out the Poached Egg? It's got a TON of resources.' For all the work you do, Greg – thanks!

Anthony Weber

Pastor, teacher, blogger at Empires and Mangers and TC Apologetics, author of Learning To Jump Again: A Memoir Of Grief And Hope

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