Evolution is a Fact, Or is it?

by Cornelius Hunter PhD

It’s no secret that evolutionists insist evolution is a fact. They disagree amongst themselves about the theory of evolution but they agree about the fact of evolution. If there is one point of agreement within evolution-dom, it is that evolution is a scientific fact. This proclamation runs all through the literature. From the popular articles and books to textbooks, evolutionists constantly reassure themselves their idea is beyond a shadow of a doubt. You can read more about this here. But when you ask real evolutionists about this, a funny thing happens.

The fact of evolution is so overwhelmingly established, explained Harvard’s Ernst Mayr, that it would be irrational to call it a theory. Comparisons to the roundness of the earth, gravity, and heliocentrism are typical. Sure this existence could all be a dream, but aside from such philosophical conundrums, evolution is clearly a fact.

This evolutionary drumbeat is constant, but when I ask evolutionists about this monumental claim, they suddenly become circumspect. Repeatedly in discussions and debates, evolutionists strangely never seem to sign up to this claim.

You don’t understand what we mean by “fact,” you don’t understand evolution, and you don’t understand science, are typical retorts. Suddenly, I am the one who is to blame for their absurdity. But I am merely asking them to reaffirm the holy creed. I am not using the words “fact,” “evolution,” or “science” any differently‚Ķ

Evolution is a Fact, Or is it?