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OK, prophecy aside, what about all those Bible contradictions and textual inaccuracies? If this is some kind of special book from God, how can I reconcile an imperfect Bible with a supposedly perfect source?

The alleged inaccuracies and errors in today’s Bible translations were a major intellectual barrier for me — so I decided to dive into that argument for awhile… When I started this journey, I hadn’t read much of the Bible yet. However, I still maintained a "list" of "Bible contradictions" to help substantiate why I totally rejected it! It was time for me to pull out that list again…

To be fair, I knew I needed to analyze my list of alleged Bible errors according to traditional rules of logic and reason. Like many things in life, certain facts can appear contradictory, but further investigation reveals something different. "The Law of Non-Contradiction," which is the basis of all logical reasoning, maintains that something cannot be "a" and "non-a" at the same time. For instance, it can’t be day and night at the same time and at the same place. Therefore, if a biblical scripture violates this Law, it has been established as a contradiction. However, based on the same Law, two statements can differ without being in contradiction.

For example, one witness in a court case might testify that he saw two people at a crime scene, Jake and Sam, while another witness may only testify to seeing Sam. These statements are not contradictory. In fact, in a court of law, these statements could be considered complementary.

I quickly discovered that this is the nature of many of the alleged contradictions in the Bible. For instance, in Matthew, we read that Jesus met two blind men. In Mark and Luke, we read about Jesus meeting only one blind man. 1 In Matthew and Mark, we read that Jesus went to pray alone three times in the Garden of Gethsemane, whereas, in Luke, we read that Jesus went alone to pray on one occasion. 2 Under legal rules of evidence and the Law of Non-Contraction, these aren’t contradictory scriptures, and yet they made my list…


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