Gentle Suggestions for Doubting Christians

by Gordon Atkinson on August 12, 2010

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I’m a natural-born skeptic. I find it hard to believe in things unless I can be convinced of their reality with proof or at least very clear evidence. C.S. Lewis pegged me with his observation that some people will commit to nothing rather than end up being wrong about anything. If professor Lewis hadn’t died the year I was born, I might think he had been reading my diary.

I was brought up in the Church and was happy to be counted among the faithful, but inevitable doubts surfaced about the time I got into high school. I kept my skeptical thoughts to myself, initially. My father was a pastor, and my whole life was enmeshed with our church. It seemed easier at the time to just ignore my doubts and hope they would go away.


Gentle Suggestions for Doubting Christians