Imagining a World Without Belief

What If There Was No God?

Before we even begin to look at the evidence and the arguments for the presence of God, we need to take a minute to look at the reason why we would even desire God in our lives to begin with. The first and foremost reason to believe is perhaps the simplest. Believe because it is TRUE. We are going to demonstrate that as we look at the arguments for God’s existence. But at this early juncture, let’s just see how our world has been affected by a belief in God, because it truly has been profoundly shaped by theism, the belief in God! Our world is filled with millions and millions of believers. But even some of these, some of us who have believed in God since our earliest years, often have had a doubt or a question that has shaken our faith. Is it OK to imagine a world without God? Is it OK to struggle with the deepest questions of faith and reason. If we doubt, are we less Godly? If we don’t, are we less intellectual? Let’s begin by looking at an ancient writing that Christians examine closely to see how God feels about our doubts. Does our doubt prove that there is no God? Let’s see:

Romans 3:3-4

What if some did not have faith? Will their lack of faith nullify God’s faithfulness? Not at all! Let God be true, and every man a liar. As it is written: ‘So that you may be proved right when you speak and prevail when you judge.’

From the Christian perspective, even if you are in the midst of complete denial, God continues to exist and sustain the universe. God is truth, and He is patient and faithful enough to wait out your doubts.

Imagine the World Without God

Now I want you to close your eyes and pretend with me. Imagine that no one has EVER even thought abut God. Imagine that no one has ever had any faith at all. Imagine that no one has ever trusted that God would come to their rescue, that God would provide a place for them in eternity, that God was watching their every move and loving them as His own. What would that world look like? Would it be any different than the world we are living in today. I think it would! If you are willing to jettison the notion of a God, then you had better be ready to jettison a few other ideas as well. First, if there is no God, there can be no ORDER. Now think about it for a second. Just think about it from a purely practical perspective. Our world is ordered to a greater or lesser degree. Each culture sets up rules for it’s own behavior, and these rules are principally derived from it’s thinking about the nature of God.

Christian Influences in Our World

This has also been true for the United States in particular. Even today, we are supported and girded by millions of Christians and Theists who believe in the existence of God and gladly choose to respond to His existence in joy and obedience. No country in the world can match the United States for volunteerism and altruism. The number of volunteer groups, service groups, aid groups and non profit agencies in the United States can be matched by no other country on the planet. Every day, people in these voluntary organizations work to feed the poor, house the homeless, teach the young, rehabilitate the broken, assist the aging, and counsel the lost. You probably take much, if not all, of this for granted. But if these faith based groups were removed from our society, what would remain? If believing Christians were removed from our country, what would it look like? Some would say it would look a lot better, and they base this statement on a bad experience they may have had with a Christian in the past…


Imagining a World Without Belief

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