Origin of the Universe – Theism vs. Atheism
In general, theists attribute the origin of the universe to some sort of transcendent, intelligent Designer. Atheists envision a natural, undirected process by which universes spring into existence spontaneously. Prior to the 20th century most atheists believed the universe was eternal. This changed however as discoveries throughout the 20th Century rendered that view untenable. Einstein’s theory of gravity (which has been thoroughly validated by extensive experimental confirmation) and Hubble’s astronomical observations preclude an eternal universe. We now know beyond a reasonable doubt that the universe began at some point in the finite past.
Now we understand that there are only two legitimate options for the origin of the universe:
(1) Someone made the universe (Intelligent Design), or
(2) The universe made itself (Random Chance).
The third option, the universe has always been here, is no longer a feasible alternative — it contradicts empirical science. No other scientifically plausible theories for the origin of the universe have ever been proposed.
The implications of various 20th century discoveries have put atheists in an awkward position. Logic now requires that they identify an uncontrolled mechanism by which the universe could have initiated, designed, created and developed itself without an Intelligent Director. Otherwise, intellectual honesty requires the necessity of a Creator God.


Origin Of The Universe