Militant Atheism Gives Rise to Christian Apologetics

By Lillian Kwon

Some of the most prominent evangelical leaders and Christian apologists recently addressed thousands of believers amid a trend of atheist outspokenness.

"Let's face it: Atheism is in," Stan Guthrie wrote in Tuesday's column in Christianity Today magazine.

But arising to disprove atheist claims are not just Christian arguments of faith or citations from Scripture, but evidence.

"We have a defensible faith that stands up to scrutiny and investigation," said Lee Strobel, a former atheist and author of the bestselling book The Case for Christ.

Lee was a featured speaker at this year's National Conference on Christian Apologetics, held Nov. 9-10 at Calvary Church in Charlotte, N.C. The annual conference, presented by Southern Evangelical Seminary, came as America has been experiencing a surge in attacks against religion – more specifically, Christianity.

In recent years, books on atheism have hit best-selling lists and the authors have gained prominence across the country.

The louder voice that has emerged among atheists, however, has not gone unchallenged.

"There's a phenomenon going on right now," Strobel said, according to The Charlotte Observer. "In response to this proliferation of attacks on Christianity that we're seeing in best-selling books and on the Internet, there's a new hunger in the church for apologetics – that is, defending the faith."


  Militant Atheism Gives Rise to Christian Apologetics |