$1K Offered to Find 'Separation of Church and State'


By Stephanie Samuel

Tea Party Campaign Manager Jonathan Moseley has offered $1,000 to find a the exact phrase “separation of church and state” in the U.S. Constitution, asserting that a wall of “separation” violates the constitution’s mandated protection of religious expression.

Moseley, Christine O’Donnell’s primary campaign manager, has resurrected her Oct. 19 debate question to question the public over reliance on the expression “separation of church and state.”

“Despite the left's attempt to amend the U.S. Constitution by simply repeating [separation of church and state] over and over again, the phrase cannot be found in the United States Constitution,” he said in a statement.

Instead, Moseley said, the constitution affirms Americans’ right to free religious speech. Practicing separation of church and state, a statement not found word for word in the constitution, infringes on the real meaning of the constitution, Moseley maintains.

"Any rule that makes religion or religious people unwelcome in any place or any aspect of American life is a violation of the 'free exercise of religion' guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution's First Amendment," he said.

In recent years, religion has become an unwelcomed part of public schools, government buildings and even the American currency.

“It’s not politically correct to be a Christian anymore,” said Rutherford Institute President John Whitehead.


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