Hollywood works its miracle on Bible Belt


Movie producers are tailoring their products to Christian audiences in their latest bid to maintain box office revenues

The film opens and closes with a quote from the Book of Job, and at a key moment the gospel hymn "Oh Happy Day" serenades the audience. It is, the makers say, the ultimate feel good movie – about the miracle of life itself.

The movie in question is Secretariat, the true life story of an American thoroughbred race horse that won the Triple Crown in 1973, and it is the latest attempt by Hollywood to recruit cinema-goers from the Bible Belt.

Amid big budget flops and crashing DVD sales, studio executives have already tried many measures to boost box office numbers, including converting films to 3D, producing endless superhero sequels and prequels, and even making movies based on board games.

Now, they are turning to what they call "faith-based audiences," more specifically America’s vast church-going community.


          Hollywood works its miracle on Bible Belt – Telegraph