Mistakes atheists make when dialoguing with Christians


by Matt Slick

The following are examples of mistakes I’ve seen atheists make when dialoguing with Christians. They are important to know for both sides so better dialogue might take place. First of all, the atheist must realize that making these mistakes lessens his credibility with a Christian and does not help his cause. Second, the Christian should know these errors so he can identify them during a conversation and, hopefully, not commit them himself.

  1. Condescension and insults
    1. This is the most common of all mistakes made by atheists. They are often condescending as they mock Christianity. They insult God, call him a tyrant, refer to Christianity as mythology, baseless, a fairytale, compare God to invisible pink unicorns and Santa Clause, etc. Unfortunately, this is all too typical of atheists and if they want to be taken seriously at all, they need to stop being so rude and crude because they do nothing to further discussion.
    2. Attacking the Christian God and accusing him of immorality is immensely problematic for atheists who have no objective standard of morality, yet are quick to judge.  We see their inconsistency, even if they don’t.
  2. Misrepresentation
    1. Sometimes atheists will construct an argument against Christianity that does not reflect a true Christian position. For example, one atheist stated that the Trinity was illogical because three gods could not be one God.
    2. Another atheist said that if God is all powerful, can he make a square circle?  This misrepresents the Christian understanding of God’s omnipotence.


          Mistakes atheists make when dialoguing with Christians. | Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry