More Support for the Reliability of the Bible

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Many skeptics and critics of the Bible (both outside and inside the faith), have argued that the Old Testament is simply not as "Old" as it says it is! These critics argue that the text was actually written much later than the supposed authorship maintains; they deny that Moses could have contributed to the scriptures and would like us to believe that the majority of the text was written in the days of Ezra / Nehemiah or later. Well, a recent discovery now supports the very early authorship of the Old Testament and fits in well with our current podcast series on the reliability of the Bible.
ScienceDaily posted an article that describes the discovery of an ancient shard of pottery discovered at Khirbet Qeiyafa near the Elah valley. the pottery contains Hebrew writing that dates to the 10th century BC, which was the period of King David's reign:

"A breakthrough in the research of the Hebrew scriptures has shed new light on the period in which the Bible was written. Prof. Gershon Galil of the Department of Biblical Studies at the University of Haifa has deciphered an inscription dating from the 10th century BCE (the period of King David's reign), and has shown that this is a Hebrew inscription. The discovery makes this the earliest known Hebrew writing. The significance of this breakthrough relates to the fact that at least some of the biblical scriptures were composed hundreds of years before the dates presented today in research and that the Kingdom of Israel already existed at that time."

If nothing else, this Hebrew writing demonstrates the very early existence of the Kingdom of Israel, and forms the reasonable foundation for language that was also used to pen the Bible. Remember that when we examine ancient history (similar to the examination of a Cold Case Homicide) we assemble a cumulative circumstantial case that then serves as the most reasonable explanation of the evidence. The case for the reliability of the Bible is getting stronger every day.


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