O’Reilly & Maher Debate Religion

Last night on Fox News, Catholic Bill O’Reilly and atheist Bill Maher debated the topic of whether religious people are dumb. It was a lively discussion and one that we can learn from.

First, notice Bill Maher’s main tactic — to make fun of religious believers and call them names like “stupid.” Maher misquotes the Bible and then says believers are dumb for believing such things. But this is not an argument, it’s name calling. Christians should not be intimidated by insults but should gently yet firmly call people out when they do it.

Second, Maher says the only way O’Reilly gets his Christian beliefs is from someone telling him or from reading it in some holy book, seeming to trivialize them. That may very well be the case for O’Reilly but it’s certainly not the only way we can know if the claims of Christianity are true. Furthermore, the origin of one’s beliefs don’t make them false.

O’Reilly could’ve have turned the tables on Maher and challenged him on the origin of his atheists beliefs. Where did he gets those? From books? From professors in college? From his friends or family? Does where they originate have any bearing on their truth? Of course, Maher also trust sources of information and could be challenged on the reliability of his sources.


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