What should I say? Learning to answer our friends' questions


by Pete Lowman

Sometimes we’re nervous about witnessing for Christ because we’re afraid we’ll be asked questions we can’t answer. This is a problem we can help each other solve! Put a small group of intelligent Christians together, and you soon find we’ve got the raw material we need for the questions we get asked.

So in our church, or student group, we can set aside an evening to discuss the objections we’ve heard our friends raise about our faith. Break into groups of 5-8, and list the questions you’ve heard. Then together we can share ways we respond. This feature is intended to back you up in this exercise. It lists a few of the approaches you could use as starting-points. Some may not be relevant to your situation. But you can sort that out!

Remember your aim is never to argue people into the Kingdom. That’s not possible; only God can lead us through! Your aim is – lovingly and prayerfully – to get the problems out of the way, so that together you can share about what really matters: who Jesus was, what he has done; where we stand before God, what we each need to do about it…


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