Why Is It Hard to Be Broken in Church?

by Anne Jackson


Sometimes it’s hard to be honest about yourself in church—but we can change that.

In May 2008, I posted a question on my blog that simply asked, “What’s one thing you feel you can’t say in the church?”

I didn’t anticipate the response it would receive.

At around 500 comments, you can imagine the variety of answers. This question obviously struck a chord with a lot of people. I read and reread and reread the comments for months. I printed some out and kept them on my nightstand, trying to understand the scope of why so many people felt they couldn’t say so many different things in church. Surely there had to be a common denominator.

Fear was obviously there. Shame. Rejection. But those feelings were more of the why people didn’t speak up more often.

I was looking for the what.

What did things like poverty and being gay and worship and money and porn and sex and depression and abuse have in common?

One night in December, seven months later, it hit me:



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