Christian Apologetics: Defending the Faith


By Jack Wellman

Christian Apologetics is a consummation of empirical evidence which includes the realms of; science, Biblical manuscripts, philosophy, logic, moral arguments, biology, astronomy, mathematics, paleontology, prophecy, archeology, and history. It is Christian Apologetic which answers to the theory of evolution and scientific hypothesis of the origin of life and of the universe.  Apologetics examine the hard evidence of what we do have, as opposed to what is assumed.

Apologetics is not an apology for a belief in God, but rather, as the original Greek says, (apologētikos) it is suitable for defense.  It is the branch of theology that is concerned with defending or proving the truth of Christian doctrines and this means evidence for Creation, for Jesus Christ and His resurrection.  Importantly, it also includes empirical, quantifiable evidence that the Bible is true, as written.

For example, not only is there missing fossil evidence for man, but we have no transitional fossils for animals, mammals, insects, other organic life forms, and plant life.  Three hundred million species and 100 million fossils have been collected and categorized today. The amazing thing is that with these millions upon millions of species and fossils, there is not one single set of transitional fossils that has ever been discovered.  Most of the “missing links” turn out to be either hoaxes or extinct species. 

Any claims for a lone, single missing link seems ridiculous with the entire chain missing.  It may be because you can not find what has never existed.  What we do find are plants, already at the flowering stage, appearing suddenly, with no ancestral fossils above or below in the Cambrian period.  The same is true with the majority of life forms.  Geologically, they appear suddenly and already fully formed with complete body parts, already complete flora, fauna, appendages, etc. Not in a gradual, progressive, evolutionary pattern.   Look at evolution’s so-called Tree of Life.   Even I can see that a T-rex is not transitional specie that is interrelated to a chicken!  Yet they appear on the same branch of evolution’s hypothetical Tree of Life…


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