Facebooking to the Glory of God?


by Lisa Robinson

Most reading this probably have a Facebook account (if you don’t get on board – its’ the 21st century after all).  I admit to multiple visits daily, checking my statuses, reading links, adding statuses and links, viewing photos, laughing and often…shaking my head (SMH in Facebook speak).  Why?  Because Facebook is an available tool to easily deposit all kinds of behavior with a few strokes for mass viewing.

Yes, Facebook can be a useful tool for promoting the cause for Christ.  Pithy observations, winsome exhortations or just some good light-hearted fellowship can do the Christian soul good.   It also can be an evangelistic tool for the non-Christian to be exposed to Christian truth in a way they might not have otherwise been.  And the funny jokes and videos?  Definitely keep those coming.

But sometimes Facebook behavior can too far (yes that means a rant is coming). What can be used as a great conduit actually facilitates displays of actions that may have the opposite effect of what the poster intended, and in humble opinion, wanting behavior does nothing to honor Christianity.  So here are a few characters I see pop up on my home page that maybe you can identify with.  Oh and if you see yourself in here, know that you are in good company.  I have been guilty of a couple of these myself…


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