False Ideas About Jesus Christ


By Wayne Jackson

Without question Jesus of Nazareth is the most dominating figure in human history. Who was he? Or in the words of the Teacher himself in a question to the leaders of the Jewish community, “What do you think of the Christ?” Every intellectually reflective person must come to grips with this engaging question.

The available data regarding the identity of Jesus are definitive. He is the Christ, the Son of God (John 20:30-31). Regrettably, however, there are numerous erroneous opinions regarding him in the marketplace of religious ideas.

Jesus Never Existed

As strange as it may sound, some, in their desperation to dismiss the Lord, deny that he ever lived upon this earth. This notion was advanced by a German historian named Bruno Baur, near the middle of the 19th century. In our own time, The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (Moscow, 1952), in a two-line entry under “Jesus,” states; “the name of the mythological founder of Christianity.” One scholar notes that this reveals more about the authors’ bias than their historical judgment (Metzger, 1965, 78).

An apostate Pentecostal, turned-skeptic, has affirmed that he is “convinced that the story of Jesus is just a myth” (Barker, 1992, 359-360). What a woefully ignorant viewpoint. It dismisses the following lines of evidence…


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