The Funny, Strange Stuff Christians Like

by Jonathan Acuff


Because sometimes, faith is just funny.

Though we Christians are often painted with a somber brush, the reality is that you can’t have a faith that encompasses both miming and hand bells without expecting some degree of mirth.

The subtle games we play to find out if you’re a Christian who drinks beer, too? Funny.

Not knowing whether you’re supposed to pray for people having plastic surgery? Funny.

Wishing people sitting near you knew you direct deposit your tithe and do not in fact hate “love offerings”? Funny.

There are millions of humorous things about church and faith and prayer. The funny thing is, when we’re honest about them, when we admit them and laugh and celebrate the quirkiness of our faith, something weird happens. By clearing the clutter away from Christianity with humor, we’re able to see the beauty of Christ.

It’s in that spirit I offer you these three glimpses into the Christian subculture…


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