Yehowah Witnesses or Jehovah Whatsthis?


          by Andy Pierson

In the past you would hear the name Jehovah quite often. One of the only reasons the name is still in heavy use in 2010 is because of the Jehovah's Witnesses. In most of the contemporary English versions and even the King James Version you will not find it. So what's up with that?

In the Old Testament God went by and was addressed by many designated names. God, LORD are two of them. God is how we translate "Elohim". LORD with all capitals/uncials is a translation of YHWH (the tetragrammaton). YHWH was the Old Testament name of God without the consonants. The truth is YHWH is akin to the phrase "I AM WHO I AM". Names were taken with deadly earnest back then, especially God's. Names were not just pretty sounding embellishments but had specific meanings. They revealed something about their possessor. God was telling Moses in Exodus that He was quite real and an active God.

Having no vowels only consonants, Hebrew scholars eventually went back to sacred writings to clarify and and add vowel points since there was the potential of loosing the proper translation. Unfortunately, because of the sacredness of God's name and the fear of accidentally enunciating it improperly or at an improper time, they did not put vowel points on YHWH. They just didn't want to tamper with God's name out of fear…


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