A More Materialistic Christmas


by Justin Whitmel Earley

One of my favorite things about December is celebrating the birth of Jesus—the God of the universe. But on a lighter note, one of my other favorite things is watching everyone walk around like Charlie Brown asking, “What is Christmas really all about?”

When we look a culture at large, Christmas is undoubtedly about stuff. Super sales, money, discounts, stockings and a (if you really think about it weird) myth about a fat guy in red who brings stuff down chimneys.

But no matter what your faith, unless you want to invite scorn, skepticism and have everybody look at you like you’re the Grinch, you probably won’t say outright that Christmas is about stuff.

Even in American culture, nobody says that. Here are some examples:

“I don’t want a lot for Christmas … all I want for Christmas is you.”
—Mariah Carey

“Christmas is all about forgiveness.”
—Finn from Glee, “A Very Glee Christmas”

“Let’s get back to the real meaning of Christmas: being with family.”
—My neighbor   

See? When anyone gets serious about Christmas, they don’t talk about stuff, they talk about relationships and abstract concepts like joy or forgiveness. But going metaphysical with Christmas doesn’t necessarily get you anywhere. And I for one think followers of Jesus could get more materialistic in talking about Christmas. Here’s why…


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