Debunk This . . .


by C Michael Patton

I don’t know about you, but I get tired of hearing the word “debunk.” In fact, the more I study and attempt to engage in helpful conversation and, even, debates, my brain has an automatic shut off when the word “debunk” and all of its synonyms are introduced.

Confute, deflate, discard, demystify, disprove, invalidate, refute, repudiate, shoot down, shoot full of holes, unshroud, and, my favorite, “. . . like shooting fish in a barrel”.

Ever heard these titles for a book or a blog?

“Christianity deflated”

“Resurrection disproven”

“Unshrouding the lies of the Bible”

“Debunking Christianity is like shooting fish in a barrel”

“Christianity debunked”

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t really like this kind of language from unbelievers or believers. Rhetoric can be a tool or a turn off.  I have seen it much from unbelievers and atheists, but it often comes from the lips of those carrying my flag. I have seen this title before: “Evolution debunked.” Or how about this one: “Refuting atheism is like shooting fish in a barrel.”

More often than not, extreme rhetoric, to me, evidences great insecurity…


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