Introduction to Christian Apologetics

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         by Charlie Campbell

HOW MANY OF YOU have ever had an unbeliever or skeptic ask you questions about your faith, or even challenge your understanding of spiritual matters? All of us have, or will, at one time or another. If we’re honest, unbelievers raise some pretty good questions about the Christian faith don’t they?

Questions like:

• “What evidence do you have that God exists?”

• “How can you believe in a God of love that would send people to hell?”

• “Why would God create a world where there is so much evil and suffering? If He is so loving and powerful as the Bible claims He is, couldn’t He just stop it?”

• “How can you say that God created Adam and Eve, when scientists have proven that man evolved over millions of years from other animals?”

• “Why should I trust the Bible, when there are lots of other books that also claim to be the Word of God. There is the Book of Mormon, the Qur’an, the Hindu Vedas?”

• “What about all those contradictions I hear exist in the Bible?”

• “What about those “lost books” of the Bible, shouldn’t we consider the other gospels just at trustworthy as the other four?”

Those are just some of the questions unbelievers are wondering about and asking today…


          Introduction To Christian Apologetics by Charlie Campbell