Is Christianity a Made-up Myth Written by the Disciples?


by Rich Deem


Skeptics say that the writings of the Bible have the character of mythology. In addition, stories of numerous miracles make it unlikely that the Bible is true. However, if God is powerful enough to have created the entire universe, He would certainly be able to perform miracles. Although there are miracles in the Bible, greater than 99% of the text describes non-miraculous events. So, who wrote the Bible? If the disciples made up the events in the Bible, would they write it in the way it is written?

Virgin birth

The virgin birth of Jesus Christ is one of the most unbelievable aspects of Christianity. It would have been very risky to document and claim that Jesus was born of a virgin. In the Middle East there were “honor killings” for women who conceived out of wedlock, so to speak of a virgin birth was extremely dishonorable. In fact, the Bible alludes to some disparaging remarks made by the religious opponents of Jesus. In addition, if you look at the anti-Christian literature at the time, much of it focused on this aspect of Christianity. This makes one wonder why, if Christians were just making up a religion, they say something that would offend virtually everybody in the Middle East. It makes no sense to make up something offensive – unless it were true.

The disciples

If I had been Jesus, I certainly wouldn’t have chosen the band of misfits that He picked. There was Peter, the loudmouth, John, his main competitor (and Jesus’ favorite, according to his own words) Matthew, the corrupt taxman, and Thomas, the ultimate skeptic. As a group, they were slow learners who constantly demonstrated a lack of faith in Jesus despite all the miracles He performed in their presence.

Peter was an interesting choice as the disciple to lead the early church. As an uneducated fisherman, he would often act first and think about it later. Peter himself admitted to Jesus that he was “a sinful man.” In one instance, Jesus blessed Peter and not five verses later called him “Satan.” Peter made the pronouncement that he would never leave Jesus, being even willing to die before denying Him. However, Peter denied knowing Jesus three times after He was arrested and fled to go into hiding with the rest of the disciples.

John is thought of being a quiet disciple who was deeply devoted to Jesus. However, John had definite jealousy issues with Peter. After being told of Jesus’ resurrection by the women who followed Him, John describes in his gospel racing Peter to the empty tomb – and winning! Peter was actively involved in this rivalry, being jealous of John at the last supper, asking Jesus, “Lord, and what about this man?” Jesus solidly rebuked Peter, basically telling him to mind his own business. The rivalry among the disciples was not limited to just Peter and John. At one point, they all started to argue about which of the disciples was the greatest. Jesus suggested that those who would be greatest would serve others.


          Is Christianity a Made-up Myth Written by the Disciples?