Placing Christian Conversion on the

Endangered Species List


By Rudolph D Gonzalez

There are powerful voices at work today, intent on suppressing the unique claims of Christ in North America. In the modern spirit of religious toleration, many people-among them some Christians-decry the historic appeals made by Christianity to turn to Jesus. For the record, biblical conversion is a rejection of life lived in sin and rebellion from God, and a turn to restored fellowship with Him through Jesus Christ. There is not the slightest hint of salvation as merely the conversion from one religion to another religion. Nevertheless, many misinterpret the call to conversion as an appeal to abandon one's culture, insofar as a native religion is couched in culture, in exchange for a westernized version of Christianity. Nothing could be further from the truth. Yet, perception is everything theses days, and many have vested interests in keeping the fabrication alive.

Thus, they suggest that in a religiously diverse community, such as North America continues to become, there is no place for what they perceive as the continuation of American imperialism. Such people promote their brand of open mindedness and respect for all religions, which no honest Christian would deny. However, these cannot be practiced at the expense of a Christian's core beliefs and convictions. What often underlies these charges against evangelism is the desire for a new macro-ecumenism that seeks to create common acts of worship among all religions-usually, at the expense of doctrinal tenets vital to the very nature of the gospel of Christ.

Excising the evangelical mandate, however, is out of the question, if one wishes to keep any semblance of biblical Christianity. And in spite of those who see Christian evangelism as a radicalization of the faith, the call to conversion is integral to its nature. Biblical Christianity is nothing if it is not good news for all of humanity. The call to conversion and faith in Christ comes from the very lips of Jesus (see Matt. 11:28-30; John 10:9; 14:6).We should ask ourselves, in light of the growing chorus of voices that call for Christians to reject the active evangelization of all peoples-should historic, biblical Christianity be banished from North America today?


          Placing Christian Conversion on the Endangered Species List