Greg’s Note: I would like to tell you about my friend, Jack Wellman. I’m not going to go in depth because the content below will introduce you to Jack better than I can, but I would like to throw in my two cents. First, Jack is a brilliant apologist. I know this because, number one, I’ve read a lot of articles that he has written, several of which I’ve posted on The Poached Egg (you can find them here), and number two, I’ve recently read his book, Blind Chance or Intelligent Design? , which I highly recommend, especially to anyone wanting a good introduction to apologetics.

Since I started The Poached Egg last year. Jack has been a source of encouragement to me. I was introduced to him much in the same way the author of the article below was. I have yet to meet Jack in person, but I  hope to make the three to four hour trip to Mulvane, Kansas, sometime soon to visit the church that he pastors there.  I could go on, but I’ll let the author of the article below take it from here (btw, did I mention that he looks a little like Bob Costas?)…

Portrait of a Servant, a Helper, and an Encourager: Jack Wellman

Jack Wellman, an Example of a Caring Christian

by R. M. Harrington

jack wellmanTo choose to serve, to help, and to encourage: these are some of the greatest attributes that any Christian can cultivate. This article is a tribute to Jack Wellman, a man who establishes this truth.

To me, the words of Jesus as recorded in Luke 17: 5-10 make clear the relationship between faith that moves mountains and faith that moves one to service. Without a faith that is sufficient to induce a life of service, there can never be the empowering faith that moves the obstacles of live and service.

On 12/23/09, I posted my first Associated Content article. Aside from a few random reads, it seemed to go unnoticed. Seven articles later, I received my first comments from Shaila D. Touchton. On the next article, a comment from Dan Reveal joined Shaila’s comment (as to the awesome Christian standing of these two wonderful authors, I will write in a future article). For this article, I focus on Jack Wellman whom I first encountered through a comment he left in an article that I published on January the twenty-eighth.He introduced himself in this wise:

"rmharrington, this is just incredibly good. Very fine work. I agree 110% with your article. Nice work. I can’t wait to get to heaven. I haven’t seen you on AC yet, so please allow me to extend a warm WELCOME to you. I look forward to reading more of your articles, rmharrington (or do you go by RM?). Again, well done and WELCOME. Blessings. Oh yes, I forgot, I gave you TWO "Thumbs Up!" for this article. : – )"

The encouragement in his words intrigued me. I began to watch for his responses to other writers. I noticed on common theme. Jack Wellman knew how to say good things to other people. Being the hard-hitting heavy that I am, I wanted to learn more about this man and his methods. Christian behavior is a choice. The Spirit and the scriptures reveal unto us a right way of walking, but we must submit to that understanding and truth. In a very short time, I understood that Jack Wellman had chosen to live as he preached. I began to learn from him…


Portrait of a Servant, a Helper, and an Encourager: Jack Wellman – Associated Content


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