Getting a Hebrew Tattoo

hebrew tattI don’t have a tattoo because sometimes I get bored of a certain flavor of gum pretty quickly.

Things always start out well at first. I buy a pack of “5 React.” I think the “5” is related to the number of senses the gum impacts, but to tell you the truth, having chewed it a few times, I’m not sure that a “sound experience” is a reasonable expectation from a piece of gum. Don’t get me wrong, if that gum played “Rhythm of the Night” by El Debarge while you chewed it, I’d be sold. I checked the Wrigley site to make sure my hopes weren’t too high and here’s how they described it: “5 is a groundbreaking sugar-free stick gum product.”

That’s exactly how I feel about gum. Whenever I see someone at work with a pack, I say, “Do you have any more stick gum product?”

So I chew React, which is like a delicious fruit truck smashed into a fruit parade while the city was under attack by a Godzilla made of fruit. The package opens with your thumb, which I also enjoy. The 5 gum package is like the Zippo lighter of the gum world. I defy you to find a cooler gum package in the industry of chewing industry right now.

But I get bored. I lose interest quickly. I move on to another piece, even if Stride tells me I can chew their stick gum product for hours. I’m too fickle, which is why I can’t get a tattoo.

My brother Will has a few and one of his is in Hebrew, which is probably the way I’d go too. Why? There are a few reasons the tattoo in Hebrew is the way to go:


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