Greg’s Note: One of the advantages of running a website like The Poached Egg is that every now and then someone will bring to my attention something completely awesome that I most likely would not have discovered on my own, and this is one of those occasions. The other day I received an e-mail from Chris Hale, who happens to be a sitar player in the band, Aradhna. Yes, you read that correctly, a ‘sitar’ player!

So at first I’m thinking, “Yeah, sitar music isn’t really my thing”, with the possible exception of George  Harrison’s sitar playing on a few of my favorite Beatles albums. Nonetheless, the more I read the e-mail from Chris, the more intrigued I became. Chris describes the sound of his band Aradnha as, “Indian classical fusion shoved up against a wall with rock and roll.” Well, that didn’t tell me much other than the fact that I won’t be hearing their music on my local classic rock station.

Chris went on to describe his band further; “The spiritual focus of the band is Christ, expressed in Sanskrit and other Indian languages.” At this point I became even more intrigued, and by investigating some of the links he sent me, I discovered that Chris is an American who spent his childhood and adolescent years in South Asia, where he became fluent in  several  Indian languages.

Chris also sent me the link to this YouTube video of their song, Mukteshwar. Chris describes the song and the video (filmed in India): “The video for the Aradhna song, "Mukteshwar" celebrates the sharing of God’s gifts in simple ways.  As we worship Mukteshwar (Sanskrit for Yeshua), God rains down His blessing in the symbolic form of marigold petals, grains of rice, and water, (all symbols within Indian culture of blessing, abundance, purity, and cleansing).  Pete and I collect these blessings in vessels and then move throughout the city sharing the blessing in different ways.  As people discover the blessing, sometimes right outside their door, they are at first puzzled, but soon realize that the blessing is meant to be enjoyed, shared, or passed on.”

After watching this video, I was absolutely speechless. I also knew without a doubt that I had my post for Music Monday. I hope that everyone enjoys this as much as I did and is also blessed as I was. The English lyrics are below…


Mukteshwar–by Aradhna


MUKTESHWAR by Aradhna.

Verse lyrics by the late Anand Kumar


Blessed are the merciful for they will be shown mercy

Praise the name of the God of Liberation!

Sing my soul, Sing my soul

Those who are poor in this world

Blessed are they, blessed are they

For the kingdom of heaven is theirs

Blessed are they, blessed are they

Praise the name of God of Salvation!

Sing my soul, Sing my soul

They who mourn in this world, will have peace

The meek in this world, will rule

Blessed are the merciful for they will be shown mercy

Those whose hearts are pure in this world will see God

Those who make peace will be called the children of God

Praise, Praise, Praise, Praise

Our Father, who is in Heaven

Holy is your name

Your kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is in heaven

Praise the name of Mukteshwar Ji

Praise the name of Yeshu Ji

Sing my soul, Sing my soul


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