The Chronological Study Bible

The Chronological Study Bible: New King James Version

The Chronological Study Bible is the only study Bible that presents the text of the New King James Version in chronological order-the order in which the events actually happened-with notes, articles, and full-color graphics that connect the reader to the history and culture of Bible times and gives the reader a dramatic, "you are there" experience. Features include translators' notes, full-color illustrations of places, artifacts and cultural phenomena, contextual articles that connect Biblical times and world history and culture, daily life notes, time panels and charts that show the flow of Biblical history and in-text and full-color maps.

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Tactics by Gregory Koukl

Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions by Gregory Koukl

In a world increasingly indifferent to Christian truth, followers of Christ need to be equipped to communicate with those who do not speak their language or accept their source of authority. Gregory Koukl demonstrates how to get in the driver's seat, keeping any conversation moving with thoughtful, artful diplomacy. You'll learn how to maneuver comfortably and graciously through the minefields, stop challengers in their tracks, turn the tables and—most importantly—get people thinking about Jesus. Soon, your conversations will look more like diplomacy than D-Day. Drawing on extensive experience defending Christianity in the public square, Koukl shows you how to: – Initiate conversations effortlessly – Present the truth clearly, cleverly, and persuasively – Graciously and effectively expose faulty thinking – Skillfully manage the details of dialogue – Maintain an engaging, disarming style even under attack Tactics provides the game plan for communicating the compelling truth about Christianity with confidence and grace.

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When God Goes to Starbucks

When God Goes to Starbucks: A Guide to Everyday Apologetics by Paul Copan

More than ever, Christians are bombarded with tough faith questions from their pluralistic friends and neighbors. Many of these emerge as "anti-truth claims" and slogans we are all familiar with: • Why not just look out for yourself? • Do what you want–just as long as you don't hurt anyone • Miracles violate the laws of nature • Aren't people born gay? Paul Copan has been answering questions like these for many years. In When God Goes to Starbucks, he offers readers solid and caring Christian responses to these and many other concerns that are being discussed in Starbucks, shopping malls, youth groups, and schools. Each chapter provides succinct answers and points for countering the cultural questions believers are faced with today.

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Cosmic Codes: Hidden Messages From the Edge of Eternity  by Chuck Missler

Chuck Missler's latest book is a masterpiece and is a must read for those people who want to cut through the chaff on whether the Bible is God breathed or just a collection of fables. Chuck does a marvelous job in providing background on the use of "secret codes" and discusses such things as cryptography and the different types of codes and ciphers used by man. He then takes the reader through the evidences of the hidden design of the Bible. One example of this is that God had already laid out His plan of redemption for the predicament of mankind as found in the genealogy from Adam through Noah in the earliest chapters of the Book of Genesis.

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Hidden Treasures: In the Biblical Text  by Chuck Missler

This pocket size Book Hidden Treasures in the Biblical text By Chuck Missler is a must have for every Christian. What Missler does is show how the Bible is a self authenticating book, in other words it proves itself with hidden delights; And some of then hidden delights are hidden in plan sight. Missler shows how a genealogy in Genesis is also the Gospel story hidden in plan sight; Missler shows how the Writer of the Bible knew the value of pie to the 15 places, way back 1000s of years before computers; Missler shows how Prophecy, Patterns, The Stars at Night, and many other things prove out the Bible as true. This little book may cause you to never look at the Bible the same way again. Get a copy for yourself, and get one or more for your friends and family.

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