The Cambrian Explosion And The Incompatibility Of Evolution

By Jack Wellman

StarfishIn creation theory, the division between "Cambrian" rocks and other catastrophically deposited fossil-bearing rocks is not due to vast periods of time. The reasons for the distinctive fossil assemblages are largely sought in physical and ecological areas. Marine creatures would tend to be buried in a flood catastrophe in different zones (and at varying stages during the flood, also a geological fact) than those living on land. For example the kinds of creatures found fossilized in "Cambrian" rocks once inhabited the same earth at the same time as those kinds found fossilized higher up the ‘geological column’.

Evolutionists themselves, archeologists, paleontologists, curators of the worlds greatest Natural Museums of History…all have long pointed out the problem for the evolution theory, namely that all the major groups (phyla) of life which we know today appear in the Cambrian with no evolutionary ancestors. This is why evolutionists refer to it as an ‘explosion’ of evolution. . The evolutionary conundrum is this absence of ancestors and you will not find what does not exist. Each of the phyla represents a basic blueprint, or unique body plan. Evolution’s deepest paradox is that in rock layers above the ‘Cambrian’ no new or different body plans appear.

Why haven’t new animal body plans continued to crawl out of the evolutionary cauldron during the past hundreds of millions of years?  According to evolution theory, enormous and radical evolutionary changes have taken place in this time, and evolution has not ceased today.  So why no new ‘body plans’ since the time they all allegedly evolved in the Cambrian?  The author of the article in question, Professor of Ecology and Evolution at the State University of New York, wonders, why is it, as evolutionary biologists are still trying to determine, that no new body plans have appeared during the past half a billion years?’  Why indeed?

There’s nothing simple about a starfish. It has hundreds of tiny feet which it uses to move along by pumping water through a system of tubes. This is a method we call hydraulics, and which humans use in machinery. But the starfish, still alive today, yet found as fossils in the Cambrian rocks, had it right there in the beginning.  There is no evidence the starfish has evolved. When we look at fossils in Cambrian rocks, we find that not only did these animals have no ancestors, but all the main kinds of living creatures were already there…


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