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A personal message from Greg West, founder and editor of The Poached Egg:

Why does The Poached Egg need your support? A big reason is that there are financial expenses incurred in the day to day operation and maintenance of The Poached Egg. To borrow a quote, "The Gospel is free but someone has to pay for the plumbing." We obviously don't have to pay for plumbing on the internet, but our expenses do include web hosting fees, domain registration fees, study & research materials, and advertising & promotional expenses. Operating The Poached Egg is not a money making endeavor and is done on a 100% volunteer basis. Both my wife and I have full-times jobs and shoulder the operating costs from our own combined income. We do not ask for monetary donations, as The Poached Egg is not yet registered as a non-profit organization due to the fees involved in getting this accomplished. So, that having been said…

How can you show your support for The Poached Egg? There are a number of ways:

  1. Shop at via our ‘Recommended Resources’ links found throughout The Poached Egg and on our Resources page. TPE will get a small commission on any product purchased from (does not have to be a product we feature) as long as you click through our links.
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  4. Tell your all of your friends and family about The Poached Egg and recommend it on your social network pages.
  5. Most importantly, please lift up The Poached Egg in your prayers. TPE has visitors from all over the world, and many of these visitors are from countries where Christians are either restricted in their freedom to practice their faith, or suffer outright persecution. Also, many spiritual seekers and skeptics visit TPE. Please pray that TPE will influence their hearts and minds through the conviction of the Holy Spirit so that they may come to know Jesus Christ. And finally, please pray that believers who visit TPE will be strengthened and that those who are struggling in their faith will find encouragement. This type of support is most graciously and humbly appreciated…



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