Creative Science: Missing Links

by Lance Ponder

Missing LinkThe most popular problem with Darwin’s theory is the system of gaps distinctly dividing one sort of organism from another. The "missing link" has been as much the subject of science fiction as vampires or aliens with no better evidence in reality. The gaps dividing one kind of plant or animal from other similar kinds remain as much a much a fact in the fossil record as in the living record. The Theory of Evolution requires slow, small, continual transitions caused by natural mutation. The obvious prediction is that life would progress in a continuum from least to most complex. In spite of attempts to illustrate imaginary links, the evidence available to date suggests the links are in fact missing.

Taxonomy is the science of classification of life forms. It is a science that studies the arrangement and ordering of life and classifies the life into a logical hierarchy by observing distinct characteristics. This logical hierarchy is most often described using a "tree" style. The science of taxonomy superficially appears to illustrate similarities such as would favor the continuous variability required by evolutionary theory. However, as a science, taxonomic observations are meaningful precisely because of distinct differences, not general similarities. Life is ranked into kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species. Evolution assumes life began with very small and simple components which multiplied and over time different groups took different "evolutionary paths."

Some of that original life became what is today the plant kingdom while other life became the animal kingdom. Some developed exoskeletons (insects) with six legs while others developed endoskeletons (internal bones) and others developed into things like arachnids, jellyfish, and so forth. As illustrated in the previous chapter, the evidence of similarity, on its own, is no more proof of Evolution than of similarity of design. It is into the differences where we must delve…


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