Fine-Tuning: What do the Scientists Think?

by Meade Brooks

Meade BrooksGreg’s Note: Earlier today I ran across this interesting, educational, and very informative website entitled, Why I Don’t Believe in Evolution. As I am not a biologist or an astrophysicists, I find many of the books and articles the evolution/design debate to be over the head of the average layman investigator such as myself. The website’s creator (yes, it has a creator, it didn’t just appear by itself), Meade Brooks, describes his reasons for creating it:

A quick search will reveal many websites that focus on evolution and alternative views. But I have found many to be very technical, and the typical reader may leave more confused than when starting. There are plenty of books addressing evolution, but for many people this is not an appealing option.

As a result of my personal study, I thought it would be helpful to present the case against Darwinian evolution utilizing modern web technology and media resources in a clear, understandable format. If you are the type of person who doesn’t like to read instruction manuals, this website will hopefully appeal to you.

Many of the arguments the author presents on the website echo many of my own thoughts that caused me to seriously doubt Darwinian evolution even going back to my days as an agnostic. I am going to ad a permanent link to this website on my links page, so that those of you who, like me, lose things in your overloaded and unorganized bookmarks, will have it for future reference. The link below is to an impressive slideshow from the website, which features quotes from famous scientists regarding the fine-tuning of the universe. Please be patient as it takes a minute or two to load, but it is well worth the wait…


Fine Tuning



Why I Don’t Believe in Evolution

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