Recommended Resource- Jesus: The Authorized Biography

posted by Greg West

Combining the four Gospels into One Chronological Story of the Life of Jesus

I am very excited to be able to offer this excellent resource just in time for Easter. Like most of the resources I recommend, this one also has a place in my personal library. Although it is not technically a ‘Bible’, it has its own place on my Bible shelf because it is such a great Bible companion. Taken from their five-star review, here is how Midwest Book Review describes this unique book:

Jesus: The Authorized Biography turns directly to the gospels to portray the life, words, teachings, experiences, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Sections offer simplification, clarification, and context for the Biblical text in contemporary language, but Jesus the Authorized Biography earns its seemingly audacious subtitle by faithfully reproducing the New Testament texts (in English translation, of course – different translations of the Bible have been fused together to create a smoother holistic narrative) that speak directly of Jesus’ life. The words of Jesus and God in particular are emphasized in bold print. A highly readable narrative, as accessible to lay readers as to Christians and theologians, that gives readers of all faiths a better understanding of who Jesus was and what he strived for.

Listed below are some of the features that make this book truly unique:

•A totally chronological, all scripture account of the 4 Gospels, and including writings from the Apostle Paul

•Christ’s post ascension appearances to Stephen, Paul, and John.

•Over 80 ancient prophecies are appropriately interspersed reflecting the absolute authenticity of this unparalleled life.

•4 indexes offer a summary of Old Testament prophecies, a synthesis of the parallel Gospel accounts, a reference to all relevant New Testament passages, and a topical subject index.

•Both the words of Jesus as well as the voice of God are emphasized in bold lettering.

•Pronouncements and prophecies and poetry and public addresses are presented in open prose to capture both the beauty and the full impact of the text.

•The various writing styles of the original multiple authors and skillfully blended into a powerful single narrative.

•A compelling biography of the greatest life ever lived.

•Excellent both for devotions and meditation, or for scholarly reference, or teaching or preaching.

•Presents the life of Jesus in seven focused segments:

1. The Advent of Messiah: The First Christmas

2. Messiah’s Ministry Begins: Going out into the World

3. The Great Galilean Ministry: Acceptance & Rejection  

4. Training the Twelve: Lessons on Discipleship

5. Messiah’s Final Mission: His Judean and Perean Ministries

6. Jerusalem: The Final Countdown.

7. Last Days of Messiah: The Week that Changed the World

Originally published in 2005 with a list price of $24.99, this now ‘under the radar’ book is available for less than $5.00 and is a true bargain for anyone who is interested in Jesus and New Testament studies and is an outstanding addition to any theological or apologetics library!

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Jesus the Authorized Biography: The Eyewitness Accounts by Those Who Personally Knew Him


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