Saying ‘No’ to Homosexuality Every Day

Shawn Derritt’s struggle with homosexuality and choosing not to give in

By Josephine Vivaldo

Shawn and Saskia DerrittMinistry leader and music artist Shawn Derritt speaks with The Christian Post about his struggles with homosexuality.

It’s a struggle he’s had since his youth.

He recently sat down with The Christian Post to talk about his music and how he has been wrestling with homosexuality even while married to his wife, a woman he described as “the greatest example of God’s unconditional love."

Derritt, who holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Kansas, had always been an avid churchgoer and a worship leader while growing up. During his youth, he struggled with same-sex desires but it wasn’t until he was in his early 20s that he began act on them.

“I loved God with all my heart but did not know how to walk away from the struggle or walk away from the sin,” he said.

As a professional counselor, he understands that homosexuality can result from an individual’s experiences during the most primal time of a person’s life – as a young child.

He observed that “sexuality has so many variables involved. We are born male or females where God’s plan includes a male/female relationship but how we get there and learn how to walk that in a godly way is different.”

For him, the absence of his father and the rejection of his male peers was one of the core reasons why he always seemed to seek acceptance and love from men.

“For me,” he elaborated, “it was wanting to be loved and respected by men, like the old saying,’ some love is better than no love.’ So in my mind I thought ‘I know this is wrong but these men want me and want to be with me.’”

Other people may have experienced sexual abuse or abandonment. It is “something that happens with us that interferes with that natural process that God meant for us to develop into heterosexual beings,” he noted.

Derritt encourages men and women who struggle with homosexuality not to torture themselves but rather look for core reasons why they struggle with the sin and ask themselves “what am I really looking for?”

“It’s important to find what exactly you are looking for and then that hole (emptiness) … gets weakened. It means that you are able to recognize what you were originally looking for,” he said…


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